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A charming place in the countryside, rich of its history and well fitted in the present

At the limits of Provence, between Cevennes and Camargue, close to exceptional natural and historical sites such as Pont du Gard and other Roman monuments, one can find SERNAHC. Standing at the foot of hills, surrounded with vinyards and olive trees, it's the perfect and quiet stop over between Avignon, Uzes and Nîmes.
Our bed and breakfast lodge« les aires passagères », right in the core of the village, is one of its oldest buildings. The mansion, built in the 16th century and its numerous outbuildings are organised around a large inner yard.
Main building of an agricultural poperty, more specifically growing fruits and vines up untill the late 80's,it takes advantage from huge inner and outer spaces.
The outbuildings have been rehabilitated during 2009 in view of their new touristic and cultural vocation;
Today, one can enjoy the charm of old stonework in a modern and comfortable ambience.
Our place is outstanding also because it's interfacing two worlds: -The village side, close to shops and services -The yard side, an actual opening on the nature:olive and apricot trees fields...
Passed our gateway ... you're in the countryside!

House tour

Here we love authenticity and modernity;
Throughout 2009 we went through a fantastic venture and quite happily saw our hayloft turning into guest rooms. The little adjoining house, used for long by morocan workers, hired for agricultural seasonal activities, was also entirely rehabilitated. Hence its name: The Morocan's appartment.
The whole rehabilitation work has been strongly oriented towards ecological and environmental protection aspects.
Our first priority was given to renewable energies, as heating and air conditionning from a geothermal vertical well, thermal solar panels for hot water production, insulation panels with wood fiber, cellulose wadding, etc...
Ironycaly,if we recall the previous vocation of the place: the former hayloft is now insulated using rice straw!!!
This project, supported by the french national environment and control of energy agency as well as the Languedoc Roussillon region, was elected as "low energy consumption building project" For more information about this designationand its requirements.

Inside,we kept the original materials still useable, as wooden frames and stonework, and for the rest we gave the priority to what's natural and comfortable.
The spirit is modern and the decoration is custom and somewhat"electrical": designer furniture, antique furniture, favorites... based on the findings and the moodes of the designer.
Our four spacious guestrooms and the comfortable appartment offer different styles of custom universes.
The lounge, which leads on one side to the dining room, and, on the other side to the terrace, is a place for relaxation, reading and friendliness.
Downstairs, the showroom of our art gallery allows regularly to uncover the work of one or several artists.
Hence, at our place, you may occasionly lesson to a musician play or attend an artistic meeting, just downstairs! This creates a really nice private place for cultural exchanges.
The terrace offers also this fantastic view over the countryside and the plain; when the weather is clear, one may even see the mount Ventoux (the isolated "Provence giant":1912 m / 6273 ft).


A shady garden, warm and flowery, a great place to wander and dream, lulled by the chirping of birds and ... sip a glass.
An outdoor secure swimming pool of 10m by 5 to refresh and relax .
Eventually, a private car park is available for our guests.
LES AIRES PASSAGERES 2 chemin des aires 30210 SERNHAC FRANCE Tel : +33 (0)4 66 37 20 98 / +33 (0)6 15 60 07 96 Mail : cathy@airespassageres.fr