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A very large room (20sq. meters), all decorated in shades of green.
with two .9m x 1.9m bed which can be turned into one large 1.8m x 1.9m bed ;
This room opens on the main street by means of a double glaze window. Excellent accoustic insulation and air conditioning from geothermal well.
A nice view over the village. When the weather is clear, one can even distinguish the Mont Ventoux!
A diverted object as a sink
Just a bit of imagination and creativity

Art pieces as part of the decoration :
The table was created and signed by Manoha, ceramist in Pouzilhac,
a small village nearby of the Gard county . For more informationwww.lesceramistesdeluzege.com

The painting was offered by bernard Darbefeuille, painter in Simiane (13)
Chairs from the flee market
Games of light on glass
Games of shapes
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